EMKO Ewa Konieczko Property Management and Administration is a professional company thriving on the Polish
market since 2000. The company is run by a licensed property manager MSc. Eve Konieczko who knowledge and
experience gained through participation in numerous courses, conferences and training courses organized by
many organizations, among others Property Managers Association "Polonia".

PROFESSIONALISM, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY are the words reflecting the nature of the activities
carried out by us. EMKO Ewa Konieczko Property Management and Administration offers a professional
service the most demanding client, and also the openness and willingness to take on new professional
challenges. Supervision of the correctness and accuracy of all the above all of our services leads
owner herself, for which the most important are the professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Familiarize yourself with our offer.

Our services:

We're taking care of:

  • Contacts and payments of owners with the rest of community.
  • All types of cases related to apartments, that was returned to former property owners.
  • Help with acqiring new occupiers.
  • Bureau service (acqiring permissions, correspondence with state offices).
  • Accounting service related to office and living space renting.
  • Vindication service (preparation of claims, representation in court procedure).

Policies of real estate administration:

  1. Entrusting of management/administration of common property is realised under contract approved and signed by the Community Board and the Housing Association, defininf the duties of administrator and the mutual obligations of the parties.
  2. Management and administration is exercised with respect for the competence of owners gathering and with absolute respect for the law.
  3. Current control of fulfillment of obligations by the administrator, and especially the accuracy of financial management is exerciset by the Community Board or Housing Association. In addiction, in accordance with the law on property ownership, the right to control the activity of the board serves to every owner, and the cooperative supervisory body is the Supervisory Board.
  4. The amount of advances for common property management costs and the amount of advances for repairs fund are established and accepted by the owners as an resolution and in the annual economic plan.
    Expenses are charged to the separate funds:
    - for management of the common propety, from Current Fund
    - for repairs, from Repairs Fund
  5. Community or Housing Association settlements are conducted by own bank account. Term deposits are established for the interim surplus funds.
  6. Accounting (in accordance with the Accounting Act) is conducted in a simplified manner, settlements of the owners are made (balance confirmation for apartments), settlements with suppliers, customers and Tax Office.
  7. Full technical support is ensured by the current, proper technical maintenance of the building, supervision over the planned repairs, current, annual and five-year surveys, according with requirements of the „Construction Law” Act.
  8. Cleaning is entrusted to the cleaning company (signing the relevant agreement) or caretaker, an self-employed individual (financial relief for Housing Association).
  9. The property is insured against fire and other accidents, and Housing Association or community is thrid-party insured.

The cost of administering the property:

The bid for the provision of these services is individually negotiated and its height conditions are:

    • Property area and involvement in the comprehensive service.
    • Level of ordering matters related to technical documentation.
    • Tax Office, Statistical Office and other agencies.

Current fund for so-called „A” advances includes the following components:

    • Manager's payment.
    • Expediture on repairs and ongoing maintenance.
    • Fees for the supply of electricity, heat, gas and water in the common part of the building.
    • Insurances, taxes and other public service charges, unless they are covered directly by the owners.
    • Expediture on the maintenance of order and cleanliness.
    1. The remuneration of administrator is fixed in the contract and once in the year is adjusted by prices of goods and services increase factor, published by the CSO and the decision of Housing Association Meeting.
    2. All fees to cover the maintenance costs of the common part of property are calculated according to the disclosed shares or property area.
    3. Charges for cold water, sewage, hot water and waste disposal shall be paid with „A” advance to the Current Fund.
    4. Members of the Housing Association having regard to the need to repair the property set themselves the amount of the „B” advance paid to Repairs Fund.